Chapel of St. Roger & St. Mary

Our History

The Chapel of St. Roger & St. Mary was founded in 1973 by the late Fr. John Keane.

After his refusal to say the new mass, he was forced into retirement. He started saying Mass for a small group of loyal Catholics in his family house in Brookline, then sometimes an office space, as well as traveling to other states to say Mass.  Then when enough money had been raised, he purchased the property in West Roxbury.  Later, he was suspended by "Cardinal" Medeiros for disobedience, which was really for staying loyal to the Church and his vows to offer the True Mass and to oppose modernism.
The Chapel was named after the Blessed Mother and Bd. Roger.  It also just so happens that those were the names of Fr. Keane's parents, whom he loved with great memory. We have had five pastors at our Chapel.  The first, of course, was Fr. Keane.  He was Pastor from 1973 until his death in February 2001. He made the Chapel what it was:  a slightly offbeat, but firmly Catholic haven, insisting on a strict adherence to the Council of Trent.
Then came Fr. Pancras Christanand, from India.  His simple good nature was a blessing for us for that year.  
Then came Fr. Denis McMahon.  He made a lot of wonderful


improvements at the Chapel, including tiling the Sanctuary, new 
carpeting, a new men's choir, etc. He brought a sense of rejuvenation to the Chapel.  
Then we had Fr. John Peek, who unfortunately has passed away.  We won't mention the 5th one. Suffice it to say that we're closed now. 

The SSPX acquired the Chapel and planned to reopen it, but discovered it needed too many building renovations and repairs. They have sold the Chapel and now plan to purchase a church in the area. This is the end of an era.  This is where Fr. Keane, the so-called “maverick priest” dared to stand up to the wolves in sheep’s clothing and provide a True Mass for the Faithful to attend.